Bears Ecosystem & Road Map

The BEARS TEAM is happy to present the ecosystem tokenomics and the draft ROADMAP, but first, a small update for $PBEAR presale members and $BEAR holders!

Quick update about $PBEAR & $BEAR

All $PBEAR presale participants will receive NFTs — a more detailed announcement is being prepared (yay, more NFTs!)

During the current week we will take a snapshot of those who hold at least 0.5 $BEAR on balance, as well as those who have sent at least 0.5 $BEAR in the LP-pools and still holding it!

Now let’s take look at our tokenomics and roadmap

There will be 3 lotteries in the BEARS ecosystem, where participants will be able to win prizes for all 3 coins: $BEAR $TEDDY $PBEAR. 50% of the coins in each lottery will be burned, and the remaining 50% will be allocated to the winning tickets.

We are planning to launch casinos and binary options in which you can participate using $BEAR $TEDDY $PBEAR coins. Coins that are not won by the participants will be burned at the end of the games.

We are announcing the NFT marketplace. You will be able to store, buy and sell NFTs ONLY with $TEDDY and $PBEAR coins. Moreover, each purchase burns a certain amount of coins, but so that the buyer and seller are both satisfied.

We are constantly burning $TEDDY and $PBEAR and will continue to burn them in the future.

We are in the process of adding the following ecosystem pools, which will ensure all of the coins in our ecosystem are interconnected.

EARN $BEAR (coming soon)

  • $PBEAR + $TEDDY to earn $BEAR
  • $BEAR to earn $BEAR
  • $TEDDY to earn $BEAR
  • $PBEAR to earn $BEAR

EARN $TEDDY (coming soon)

  • $PBEAR + $TEDDY to earn $TEDDY
  • $BEAR to earn $TEDDY
  • $TEDDY to earn $TEDDY
  • $PBEAR to earn $TEDDY


  • $PBEAR + $TEDDY to earn $PBEAR
  • $BEAR to earn $PBEAR
  • $TEDDY to earn $PBEAR
  • $PBEAR to earn $PBEAR


Don’t worry about the $BEAR coin! This coin will remain a deflationary coin and will be mined very slowly, while this coin will be burned faster than others to maintain its rarity.

$BEAR is the parent coin of the entire ecosystem, and it must be kept as the “apple of our eye” while receiving various bonuses. Holders of at least 0.5 $BEAR (amount may change up or down in the future, or be dynamic) will receive the following benefits:

  • The right to buy an NFT every 2 weeks, which will give various boosts for the mining of coins in the pools
  • The right to participate in weekly draws of unique NFTs
  • Discounts in the NFT Marketplace
  • Other interesting mechanics for lotteries, casinos, and binary options.


We also continue to establish partnerships with other projects to launch pools and farms to mine their coins, as well as to mine our coins on their platforms. Collaborations with projects GOOSE, CAKE, BAKE, and others are planned.

By the way, a little about BAKE. We have applied for an IDO on the Bakeryswap platform where you can buy a new $GBEAR coin. The smart contract has already passed the audit by, Certik will conduct later.

$GBEAR coin on IDO can be purchased with $BUSD, $BNB and (CLAPS) $PBEAR!

ALL $PBEAR collected at IDO we will burn !!!

$GBEAR will be immediately available for trading following the IDO.

More information about IDO and the $GBEAR is available in the attached document.

LEAKS: Grizzly Bear is a part of the successful Bears Finance ecosystem of tokens and farms. Grizzly Bear is the main token in the Grizzly Retro Bears NFT game. Grizzly Token is used to purchase characters in the game and earn rewards in battles between players & wild farms.

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